Trump administration officials say it is time for a “more aggressive approach” to trade negotiations and enforcement.  

Wednesday’s 2017 Trade Policy Agenda says Washington will strongly defend U.S. sovereignty in trade issues, strictly enforce trade deals, protect U.S. intellectual property, and negotiate “new and better trade deals with countries in key markets around the world.”

The report by the staff of the U.S. Trade Representative says U.S. exports are hurt when some trading partners restrict the flow of digital data, create unnecessary regulations, manipulate their currencies, steal trade secrets or unfairly subsidize their companies.  The report’s authors say these tactics may give an unfair advantage to companies in non-market economies.

U.S. officials say they will fight back by emphasizing deals with one nation at a time rather than multilateral pacts like the World Trade Organization.  

White House officials say voters in the last election called for “fundamental” changes that expand trade that is “freer and fairer for all Americans.”



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